Choosing a Lawn Service in Virginia Beach

When choosing a Lawn Service in Virginia Beach, you need a basic understanding of what to look for. There are many services to select from and you need to know how to pick. Consider the following as you go to make your decision.

Do you want a lawn care service or one that handles lawn maintenance? If you just want someone to come out and cut your grass every week or two, a teenager in your neighborhood would likely be more than willing to help with that and charge less too. If you wish to have more intensive work done, such as fertilizing or pesticides, you need to bring in the professionals. They know exactly when and how to best apply the chemicals to your lawn without doing harm to your family, your neighbors, your lawn, or the environment.

Size of the company shouldn’t play a role in this decision. Your focus needs to be on their training, experience, and reliability. Don’t hesitate to ask for references and follow up with these clients to ensure they are satisfied. The Better Business Bureau is another great resource when searching for a company of this type. Here you can learn about any complaints lodged against a company and, more importantly, exactly how they resolved these complaints.

Discuss the Lawn Service in Virginia Beach. You need to obtain a written contract, one which outlines which services will be performed and when. More importantly, if a problem arises with the lawn and additional care is needed, discuss how that will be handled. Can they complete the service without contacting you if it is below a certain price range? For example, if they notice a pest has taken over an area of your yard and want to halt it in its track, can they do so and then charge you, or must they ask you first?

Call Southern Roots Landscaping of VA when you are in need of a Lawn Service in Virginia Beach. This company is known for providing customers with professional services at reasonable prices. The landscaping experience and knowledge of this provider when it comes to the unique climate of Hampton roads is well known throughout the area, and clients known they will deliver excellent results every time. The company philosophy is very easy to understand-the job isn’t done until the customer is completely satisfied. Don’t settle for a company that promises anything less.

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