Choosing Microwave Repair Over a New Model

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Home Appliances

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Microwaves, while invaluable, are often small and can be purchased inexpensively, which means that when something goes wrong, many are quick to toss appliance in exchange for a brand new one. But there’s no reason to scrap a microwave that’s experiencing some issues– you should contact a microwave repair expert in Metairie before you make that decision. Many problems that can afflict your microwave can be quickly rectified by a professional, saving you money, time, and stress. Here are some common, tell-tale signs that you should contact a repair service before anything else.

Strange Sounds

Unpleasant and irritating noises coming from your microwave can mean anything from issues with various motors to problems with the very magnetron tube creating frequencies that cook your food. Don’t let this one slide– you run the risk of doing even more damage to your appliance.

Doesn’t Heat

This is another indicator that there’s an issue with your magnetron tube and that a replacement might be in order. This doesn’t mean that your microwave is irreparably dead.

Burnt-Out Light

While a burnt-out bulb in your microwave might seem harmless, it could indicate faulty wiring or other electrical issues that can lead to a further breakdown. It’s best to get the situation checked out by a microwave repair expert in Metairie.

Buttons Don’t Work

If your buttons are unresponsive, there’s still hope for your machine. A button pad may need replacement, or wiring issues might need fixing.

Plate Doesn’t Spin

This is another seemingly minor issue that can indicate a more significant problem. If the dish in your microwave has stopped spinning, it could be a simple as a worn-out motor. However, it could also be due to bigger problems with the wiring of the microwave.

Don’t toss your appliance– contact a professional before you micro”wave” goodbye.

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