Discussing Domestic Violence Charges with Criminal Lawyers

In Kansas, domestic violence is a classification applied to assault and battery or any physical harm against a family or household member. People who are arrested for domestic violence are often required to stay at a new location until their trial. Criminal lawyers help those facing these charges build a defense.

Victims and Aggressors

The law enforcement agency that investigates the allegations of domestic violence interviews all parties. The party that was injured during the altercation has the legal right to press formal charges at any time. In these cases, it is not easy to separate a victim from an aggressor. The investigation must determine which party is the aggressor to protect the victim.

Protection Orders and Additional Charges

A protection order is issued once it is established that the victim remains in danger. The court order outlines the requirements for the defendant and restrictions that must be followed at all times. Contact between the victim and the aggressor is prohibited until the trial. In some cases, victims are relocated to undisclosed locations for their safety.

Protecting Children in Domestic Violence Cases

If a child is the victim of domestic violence, the court must take further precautions to protect them. Typically, the child is removed from the location of the aggressor. If the aggressor is a parent, the child cannot live in the home with the individual and must be relocated. The other parent must take the child to a new location away from the aggressor. If they don’t, the court will remove the child from either parent’s custody.

Penalties and Extending Orders

The standard penalties for domestic violence are up to one year in jail and a fine of $2,500. However, the penalties are increased according to the injuries reported and the age of the victim.

In Kansas, domestic violence could involve family members, household members, and individuals who once lived in the same home. Former romantic partners are common victims of domestic violence as well as children. Spouses could also get involved in altercations and become victims of domestic violence. People facing this kind of charges can contact criminal lawyers by visiting today. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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