Common Types of AC Repairs

Few things will put the brakes on summer fun like AC problems will. It can happen any time but it is never a good time when it does. Here are the top three air conditioning system issues that can lead to a system breakdown. If you need AC repairs in Red Oak TX or the surrounding areas, maybe you are experiencing one of these issues:

Faulty wiring
Faulty wiring caused by lazy or unregulated installations is risky and poses a huge fire hazard. Bad wiring can will cause system malfunctions, deplete energy reserves, and can trip circuit breakers; in extreme cases, it can start fires and shot circuit your entire system.

Low refrigerant
Refrigerant is a specially blended chemical that is used in unites to cool the air inside of all air conditioning systems. Reduced levels of refrigerant will mean less cooling power, noticed by warmer outputs and inability to reach target cooler room temps. Low levels in the system usually mean there is a leak that must be fixed so more refrigerant is not leaked into the environment.

Outside fan is not working
The outside fan helps pull the hot air from your home to the outdoors so the cooling part of the system does not have to work as hard. When the fan does not work properly the unit has to work harder to lower temperatures in the home, it can short-circuit the wiring of the system, it may cause internal damage to the compressor. As soon as you notice the fan not working you need to call someone who specializes in AC repair in Red Oak TX to fix the problem before more damage is done.

There are many other times you may need to call in the AC repair experts to help with your issues and when the need arises. The experts you can trust are at Direct Service!

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