Time to Call New Jersey Solar Installers

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Energy

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There are more than a few benefits associated with solar energy that quickly outweigh the costs, especially if you consider the many ways in which you earn that investment back. This is an alternative, sustainable energy source that is quickly increasing in popularity and affordability since its first introduction. There is now a 70% increase in use compared to 2014 and prices are more than 73% lower compared to 2006, which is a great reason to call solar installers now. Calling on such a crew to have your system put in place can not only significantly improve your life but make sustainable energy available.

Save Money

The average solar array can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $35,000 but you save an average of $44 to $187 a month in your first year alone. In a single year, you could save more than $2,000, meaning that your system would completely pay for itself in just five years and then it would continue to simply make you money after that. You can save more than twice the cost of installation over the course of 20 years with savings reaching as high as $64,000 in certain areas, and this alone is why so many are now contacting New Jersey solar installers.

Tax Credit

In addition to your monthly savings, you are awarded a tax credit from the government for utilizing the help of solar installers  to get this system up and running in your home. A 10% federal solar tax credit to all commercial properties is in place right now as an incentive to try this alternative option, which can significantly speed up the rate at which you recoup your costs from the installation. This should be enough for many businesses to consider the benefits of this system, especially when they consider how quickly they receive their investments back and how much money can be earned following this. Like us on Facebook.

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