Comparing Industrial Welding Services

Most shops offering welding as part of their range of services can work on any type of equipment or systems from small types of repairs to major industrial system welding requirements. However, this does not mean they are ideally suited to work on all projects.

For any type of plant generator, turbine or rotating equipment, finding industrial welding services with experience and expertise in this specialized area is important. Not only does this ensure the welding is done to meet specific standards, but it also ensures that the job is done quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of extended downtime and the need for ongoing future repairs.

Welding on Plant Generators and Turbines

Look for industrial welding services that specialize in plant generators and turbines, and avoid general welding services. The specialized companies have experienced, certified welders that work to the industry standards to provide quality control welding.

With this type of expertise on the job, all welds are tested to ensure they meet the specific system standards to avoid leaks at the weld or weld failures. In addition to using the top professionals to do the welding, this also gives the plant the advantage of having someone experienced in repairs to speed up the troubleshooting process.

Welding Options

The level of experience with industrial welding services also ensures the correct welding operation is used for the given repair or fabrication required. Knowing the best process to use with different metals, the system requirements, and the benefits and potential drawbacks to any welding method is always important.

Choosing between basic resistance welding or MIG, TIG, or gas welding methods ensures the best possible weld for the job. This is always a crucial consideration, but it becomes even more essential when the factors to consider, include high pressure, high volume flow, or hazardous media through the system.

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