Tips For Working With Electrical Transformer Manufacturers For Custom Builds

There are two basic options to consider when choosing transformers. One is to use a standard or off-the-shelf type of transformer, and the other is to work directly with one of the electrical transformer manufacturers to create a custom build on a transformer.

This is a common decision for an OEM that is manufacturing a new product, but it may also be a necessity to replace older equipment when the specific brand or size of an existing transformer in the system is no longer available. While an off-the-shelf transformer is going to be the lowest cost, it also means limiting the features, specifications, and the versatility of the design offered by the top electrical transformer manufacturers with custom transformers.

Choose the Company

Not all custom electrical transformer manufacturers are the same. Take the time to review the company and to review feedback on their work by past and current customers.

The longer the transformer manufacturer has been in business, the more information available on the quality of their products and the ability to provide customer service and support. Consider the cost, the time for the production of the transformer as well as the ability of the transformer manufacturer to offer full engineering services.

Discuss Your Options

Make sure to have a full understanding of the system and the requirements for the transformer. The best manufacturers should provide information on costing for the custom manufacturing process, and they should be able to work with the budget in the choice of materials and production methods, including for prototyping before production.

It is also essential to verify the manufacturer has a full understanding of the compliance requirements based on where the transformer will be used or sold. US-based companies with experience in working with OEMs are familiar with both domestic as well as international standards, which ensures the end product can be approved for sale in any area of the world.

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