Consider A Refurbished Reliance DC Motor C2514ATZ

Most engines nowadays run on Alternating Current. But, Direct Current motors still have a place for a number of advantages it uniquely provides. What of its ability to start at a higher torque. Or just its quick start ability. Or its ability to be adaptable with its speed, direction or even state of operation with control of voltage. They are just easier to control at less cost than AC.

That’s why people consider refurbished DCs than buying a new motor such as Reliance DC Motor C2514ATZ that runs industrial-sized applications like compressors, pumps, fans and conveyors.

A DC motor such as the Reliance DC C2514ATZ that runs on 50 horsepower has a body frame that’s drip-proof with force vent for air cooling. It has a working cycle of 1,150 rates per minute generating 240 Volts at 180.00 Amps.

Field data has shown that it’s straight shunt-wound is at 150 Volts with a maximum Amps at 25ºC, 10.65 Hot Amps at 7.58ºC.

Its blower is type P with ¾ horsepower at 3,450 revolutions per minute using 240/480 Volts at 2.6/1.3 Amps running at 60 Hz. It is designated SF 1.15 Code L.

Its adjustable footprint is 24-inch by 25-inch by 10-inch with a shaft dimension of 5 inches by 2 3/8 inches diameter. Its shaft base is 6 inches with a shaft key at 3 5/8-inch long by 5/8-inch wide by 3/8-inch deep.

Consider a refurbished Reliance DC Motor C2514ATZ that works just as well at less cost.

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