Should You Buy a New or Used York Chiller Motor?

An industrial chiller is one of the most important parts of a food or beverage processing system. They also can cool very large areas efficiently. However, there may be times when you need to replace components like a York chiller motor. These parts can be expensive and if you have the option of buying a new motor, is it in your best interests to do so? Here is a look at your options to help you decide.

New Motor

Buying a chiller motor new is the most expensive option. However, there are some benefits to consider. For example, you receive a fresh new motor which has never been operated. You know there has not been any neglect or abuse from a previous owner. You receive a factory warranty with your purchase.

Used York Chiller Motor

When you buy used motors, you often pay much less than the price of new ones. In fact, the difference can be substantial. This is an important consideration for companies wanting to cut costs.

Cheaper replacement cost is important for several reasons. For example, you may be able to afford a replacement motor which you can keep in stock. If your current motor fails, you already have the replacement, so downtime is minimal.

By having a standby motor, you eliminate the need to order a new one when needed. When you replace a motor, you can take your time and check out the best sources for another motor.

More Options

Did you know you can sometimes by a never used York chiller motor for less than the going price? Some suppliers deal in surplus motors, and they buy them from businesses which no longer need them or wish to keep them in stock. This may be the best option to consider when you need replacement motors.

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