Consult a DWI Attorney in Hailey ID to Reduce the Consequences of a Conviction

The criminal justice system is a complicated maze that consists of law enforcement officers, courts, jails, prisons and probation officers. Once a person has arrested, they have to work very hard to get out of the system. Depending on the reason for the arrest, this could take quite a while. Some cases move through the system faster than others. For example, DWI cases tend to be processed quickly. However, the long-term consequences of a drunk driving conviction can be severe.

Financial Consequences

Once a person gets arrested for DWI, they have to Make an appointment with a DWI Attorney in Hailey ID. Attorney fees could cost anywhere between hundreds and thousands of dollars, depending on the attorney’s experience and the severity of the case. If someone was injured or killed while a person was driving under the influence, costs for an attorney might be much more than if there was no accident.

Insurance costs are sure to rise after a DWI as well. The annual cost for coverage could increase significantly following a conviction. A driver who has already been charged and convicted of drunk driving is a much higher risk to the insurance company. It could take many years of safe driving before a driver starts to see their premiums drop.

Social Costs

Immediately following an arrest, a driver’s license may be immediately suspended. While they are unable to drive their own car, they’ll have to depend on others to get to work or school and even to run errands. Unless they live in a part of town where there is plenty of public transportation, a driver without a license could have to make major changes to their lifestyle.

The very first thing a person should do if they are accused of and arrested for drunk driving is to get in touch with a DWI Attorney in Hailey ID. An attorney could walk them through the process and ensure their rights are protected as long as they are a part of the criminal justice system. An experienced attorney may also give advice and guidance to help a client reduce the financial and social consequences of a conviction.

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