Cutting Corners on a Bathroom Renovation without it Looking Like You’re Cutting Corners

Is a gorgeous new custom designed bathroom something you daydream about? Whether your bathroom is outdated, dingy, dirty, damaged, or all of the above, there’s a rise in fast bathroom renovations that save money and time. You don’t necessarily have to gut the bathroom down to the studs to get the new bathroom you want.

But be careful: there are a lot of DIY products out there that don’t look all that great when they’re done.

Bathtub paint rarely works well when done as a do-it-yourself project. Peel and stick tiles on top of your old ones are a temporary fix and tends to look homemade and last only a little while.

Custom bathrooms contractors are increasingly offering fast makeovers that transform your bathroom within a day or two and the look of the finished product can be fantastic, along with saving you thousands of dollars, potentially, versus doing the entire bathroom from scratch.

Learn More About Fast Bathroom Renovations

Tub surrounds and shower surrounds can fit over your existing bathroom fixtures to give you a clean, modern, stylish ‘new’ option. This option could cover an old worn and scratched looking tub as well as include a wall surround that has the look of custom tile work. Shelving could even be part of that build for you, giving your bathroom more organization. Another big benefit, beyond cutting costs, is the fact that this happens quickly. You won’t have to worry about weeks of renovation work. In many cases, the job can be done in a day or two.

Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

* Be sure to choose a custom bathrooms contractor with a solid reputation. Read reviews before choosing someone and make their reputation and longevity as well as warranty part of the deciding process.

* Worried about costs? Financing could even be an option, helping you save money while getting a new custom bathroom.

* Consider this option when selling / ‘flipping’ a house – This could be a great option if you’re selling your home and want to up the ‘wow’ factor in a tired-looking bathroom.

Whether upgrading the look of your bathroom for your own needs or because you’re getting ready to sell, there are some great choices that you can have installed quickly so that you don’t have to worry about down-time and a long renovation.

If you’re looking at options for custom bathrooms contractors, Best Choice Home Crafters would be happy to quote you. Get more ideas about their services by viewing their pins and boards.

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