Critical Reasons to Hire an Experienced Condo Law Firm in Palm Coast

When you first buy and move into your condominium, you may think that you have found the residence of your dream. However, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if the homeowners association fails to respect its agreement with you.

Instead of taking on the HOA and its leadership on your own, you can hire an attorney to represent and advise you. You can benefit by contacting an experienced condo law firm in Palm Coast about the matter today.

Claiming Access to Services

When you pay your HOA fees, you expect to receive certain services and amenities from the HOA itself. It may have promised you that garbage and snow removal were included in your fees. It also may have guaranteed you access to community amenities like the swimming pool and weight room when you move into your new home.

However, when you are not being availed of services and amenities in exchange for your fees, you have the right to hold the HOA accountable. You can sue for the money that you paid back or hold the HOA to its word by filing legal action against it.

You can also take legal action if the HOA has unfairly targeted and persecuted you for reasons that you believe are not well-founded, if not outright false. You can find out more about hiring a condo law firm in Palm Coast online. Contact Kistemaker Business Law Group, LLC by going to

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