3 Tips For Helping You Find a New Church For Your Christian Family

When you move into a new community, one of the many things you’ll have to consider is the church your family will join. Belonging to Detroit churches is about more than just having a place to study and practice your beliefs. It will also give you access to spiritual leaders who can give you insight based upon your shared beliefs, and help you make lasting connections with other families in your community.

Research Each Church’s Teachings

Your first step should be to find out about the various churches in your new community. Since there are many denominations of Christian faith, you should look for the churches that focus on the beliefs you value. Beyond looking for a specific denomination, find out if each church has a mission statement and core values that you can review.

Meet the Parish Priests

Once you have narrowed down your choices, you should take the time to schedule meetings with the priest that presides over the parish at each church. Let them know that you’re new to the area, and ask each priest about the possibility of joining their parish. As each priest talks with you, pay attention to how they make you feel. You instincts should play a part in making this decision.

Attend Services

Once you have slimmed down your choices to two or three churches, take the time to attend services at each of these Detroit churches. After each mass, talk to other people in the parish. This can help you decide which church offers you the greatest sense of community.

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