Dentistry in Phoenix: The Importance of Routine Dental Checkups

When thinking of dentistry treatment in Phoenix, it is easy to focus on some of the more exotic, innovative treatments and ignore basic things like routine dental checkups. Allowing those regular dental visits to slip into the back of your mind is tempting, but preventative care helps to prevent expensive problems down the road.

Dental Checkups

Thoroughly examining your teeth and mouth for signs of tooth decay is only one segment of a complete dental exam. At your dental checkup, we will determine the health of your gums and carefully evaluate your mouth for possible signs of problems like diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, or oral cancer. We may even examine your bite, face, and lower jaw movement.

Expect us to pay particular attention to the possible presence of plaque and tartar. Plaque is a sticky bacterial film that can adhere to your teeth. Over time, it can harden and become something called tartar, which cannot be removed at home by brushing or flossing. Your teeth can also become stained when you consume certain food and beverages, as well as tobacco use. Left untreated, the presence of plaque can eventually lead to gum disease.

Dentistry in Phoenix

Once we have completed examining and cleaning your teeth, we will let you know about the present condition of your teeth and gums. We may make some recommendations at this time if we spot any problems. It is critical that you visit your dentist at least twice a year for a routine examination and teeth cleaning.

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