What Is Medical Weight Loss and Can It Help You?

Many people spend a lot of time trying different diets and exercise routines in order to lose weight and get in shape for a healthier lifestyle. While these changes can work great for some individuals, others still find they struggle with their weight. If this describes you, one of your options is medical weight loss in Las Cruces. Learn more about what this means and whether it can be the right choice for you.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

There are many procedures and methods that can fall under the blanket term of medical weight loss in Las Cruces. In short, this type of weight loss is any type of weight management program that is utilized under the direct supervision of a medical professional. This can include weight loss surgery and other more intensive weight loss therapies. The goal is to help reduce health risks and ensure individuals can live their healthiest lives.

Who Requires Assistance with Medical Weight Loss?

Not everyone is a good candidate for medical weight loss in Las Cruces. For instance, if your body mass index is below a certain number, typically 35 or 40, your health isn’t at a high enough risk to require more extensive therapies like those that fall under the umbrella of medical weight loss. It’s also important to understand whether you would be more successful with one of the medical weight loss surgery options, such as lap band or gastric bypass, or if psychotherapy or weight loss drugs may be a better solution for you. Your doctor will discuss your particular situation and what you have tried in the past to help you choose the right path for your weight loss success.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and are considered obese, it’s time to think about medical weight loss in Las Cruces. Visit the Memorial Weight Loss Center website to find out if you can benefit from these options.

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