Do Not Forget Your Garage And Windows When Installing Your Security

Burglars absolutely adore garages! If you have one attached to your home, once he is inside of it it is an easy matter getting into your house. A standalone garage is also a treasure trove for a thief. You look at your garage and see storage space; they look at it and see dollar signs. That is where most people keep their expensive toys that can be sold quickly and easily, like lawn mowers, bikes, ATV’s and power tools.

The Ways You Can Keep the Garage Secure

* Add an alarm system with sensors on all the doors and windows and do not forget the entry door into your house.

* Keep the remote control to the garage door hidden. Don’t keep in on the dashboard or visor. Best thing to do is to keep it on your key ring.

* Keep that area bright with spotlights or motion activated lights.

* Get into the habit of keeping the garage door and all the windows shut and locked at all times. If you frost your windows, it keeps anyone from seeing exactly what you have inside. When a thief cannot see if there are items worth his time, he will probably move on.

* Have a sturdy wooden door between your garage and your house if it is attached. A door that is made of solid wood or even one of reinforced steel can be a deterrent to a burglar. If it is too hard to break in, he may just give up.

Your Windows need Burglar Proofing as Well

Even if you have a security system already in place, you might still want to consider reinforcing your windows. One thing you can do is have perimeter sensors put on the outside of the windows. You can also have sensors put into your window screens.

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