Using Professional Makeup: Tips From Makeup Artists

There is often a very big difference between the types of makeup used by women all over the country and those used by professional makeup artists. The difference is in the formulation and the quality of the makeup, and it has a very big impact on the final look.

The goal of a top makeup artist using professional quality products is to make the makeup look as if they are not there. The makeup never takes center stage; rather it is used to highlight the features and the natural beauty of the woman.

To provide some insight into how to incorporate tips from professional makeup artists into your daily beauty routine, consider the following techniques, tips and ideas.

Have the Right Tools

If you ever see a professional’s makeup kit, you will be amazed at the number of colors, brushes and cosmetics. However, each has a specific use, and having the right types of makeup brushes for eyes, face and lips will make a big difference.

After using your brushes, particularly for crème types of beauty products, be sure to wash thoroughly with soap and water if it is a water based product. For those that are oil based, used waterproof makeup remover in water and swish the brushes through and then wash with soap and water.

Don’t Overdo Color

Too much color on the cheeks or as a foundation is going to make your skin color look unnatural. Instead, choose colors that are very close to your natural color for the base, and then go one or two tones darker and lighter to create a contoured look.

Darker colors create a sense of depth while lighter colors bring that area to the surface. Experiment with which combinations look best, and keep in mind you will have to change colors slightly as your skin naturally lightens and darkens with the seasons.

Use Minimal Product

Through selecting a top quality professional makeup, you should find there is only small amount of product needed to achieve the desired results. Keep in mind that the less product you use, the more natural the final appearance will be.

Additionally, use gels or skin prep products that will hydrate the skin or remove excess oils, allowing your makeup to have that fresh and natural look all day long. With top high definition and professional quality products you shouldn’t have to do more than just a quick touch up during the day, which is also a benefit to using quality makeup.

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