Do You Need a Retina Specialist?

Floaters are lines or spots you see before your eyes. They usually require no medical treatment. However, if yours don’t go away or if there’s a sudden increase in the number of floaters you see, then you may need to look for a retina specialist in Jacksonville FL.

Other symptoms to worry about

If you see flashes of light along with the floaters or if there’s a dark shadow or curtain in parts of your peripheral or side vision, then you need to make an appointment with your eye doctor immediately, the WebMD says. If you run into any difficulties seeing or if your eyes hurt, consider making an appointment with a retina specialist in Jacksonville FL.

Why you need a doctor

Mild floaters are harmless, and they usually go away on their own. But if the floaters occur with any or all of these symptoms, then that indicates a severe tear in your retina. Consulting with an eye specialist is the best course of action for you. By going to a doctor, you can receive treatment as soon as possible. That early treatment can reduce the damage to your eyes and make it possible to save your sight.

Treatments you can expect

If you have mild floaters, then they aren’t a problem. If yours don’t go away, though, your doctor may recommend using a particular type of laser. If the floaters are starting to get in the way of your vision and make it difficult for you to see, then you may need to go in for surgery. Your doctor will talk to you about this option.

If you think your floaters aren’t going away or if you’ve been dealing with them for weeks or months, then seek out treatment. Book a reputable eye doctor today for consultation and advice.

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