Fast Surface Finishing With Blanchard Grinding Services

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Tool Grinding Service

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Grinding has long been used to finish the surfaces of metal parts and components. Grinding systems are some of the earliest tools and machines used throughout history. While the technology and the specific equipment has evolved over time, the actual process has changed very little.
Blanchard grinding services are also known as rotary surface grinding services. This is perhaps the most common type of grinding process, and it is an ideal solution for high volume grinding needs for the flat surfaces of parts and components.

Remove Surface Stock

When choosing a Blanchard grinding service, the overall size of the part or component as well as the size of equipment is going to be a central factor. With larger components or parts, a larger Blanchard grinder provides a very fast, very cost-effective option for removing stock from one side of the part or component.

The best use of Blanchard grinding services is when extremely tight precision grinding is not required. Most companies offering these services do not use this process if the OEM requires the final surface tolerance to be less than 0.001 inches. However, this tolerance level is more than acceptable for most industries.

In addition, the Blanchard grinding method leaves a distinctive surface that has a circular type of pattern that has a pinwheel type of aesthetic on the final surface. This can be produced very economically and can help the OEM to reduce costs with secondary surfacing options for the part or component.

Metals and Alloys

The high power of the systems used for Blanchard grinding makes it an ideal option for most types of metals and alloys. This includes aluminum, stainless steel, mild steels, copper, bronze, and cast iron.

In addition, it can be used on a variety of alloys that are both ferrous and non-ferrous, making it a very practical grinding option for many OEMs.

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