Do You Need Radiology Imaging?

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Health

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Wondering why your doctor made a request for you to undergo a radiology imaging procedure in Orlando? Here’s a bit of background on the procedure to help you understand why it’s necessary in your case.

What is it?

Radiology uses imaging technology to diagnose and treat diseases. There are two types: diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. A physician whose specialization is in radiology is commonly referred to as a radiologist.

Imaging tests

Computed tomography or CT scans are one of the most common types of imaging tests. However, ultrasonography is considered the most affordable of all imaging procedures. It’s also the least harmful since it uses no ionizing radiation. That’s one reason why a lot of physicians whose scope fall outside radiology prefer to use this method when they need to assess and diagnose a patient’s condition. It’s the go-to method when imaging kids or pregnant patients. MRIs are also another type of imaging procedure along with fluoroscopy, says News Medical. Mammography, plan x-rays, and PET scans are also included.

Main uses

Used diagnostically, these imaging procedures help determine the cause of your symptoms, the extent of the damage and provides physicians with a way to monitor how well your body is responding to treatment or if the disease or condition has worsened. For interventional radiologists, these imaging procedures can be used to help and guide doctors as they perform an internal procedure, usually involving the insertion of catheters or small instruments and tools into the body of the patient.

Other questions

To make sure there are little to no risks to the procedure, make sure you find a reputable facility for radiology imaging testing in Orlando. Find a trustworthy one online so you’ll be certain that you’ll be in competent hands throughout the entire procedure. Don’t forget to check the credentials of the doctors and staff on board.

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