Do You Need to Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney?

Wondering if you need to hire a Domestic Violence Attorney? Whether you are the victim or the accused, the case is much more likely to have the outcome you’re looking for if you work with a lawyer. The hearing is the first time that you will really need an attorney’s help. At the domestic violence hearing, the judge will determine if there is sufficient evidence that the victim is at risk. If it is decided that the victim is indeed at risk, the judge will issue protective orders that will prevent the accused from having any type of contact with the victim for a designated period of time. This time period will extend until at least the upcoming trial date.

After the protective orders have been handled, a new court date will be set for the trial. A domestic violence attorney can help build the case for a domestic violence victim by interviewing any witnesses to the violence, obtaining medical records that chronicle the injuries of the victim, obtaining any evidence of police involvement related to domestic violence in the home, and helping the victim to create their own statement about what happened.

If the client is accused of domestic violence, the attorney will carefully review the events that led to the arrest with their client. If evidence supporting the client’s innocence is available, the attorney will obtain that. The lawyer may also seek to demonstrate proof of the good character of their client by compiling information about their family ties, community involvement, and dedication to their job.

During the trial, the attorney will be the most important spokesperson for their client, whether the client is the victim or the accused. Many people involved in domestic violence cases are interviewed by opposing counsel, but your attorney will prepare you thoroughly for that. If you think you might need help from a domestic violence lawyer, consider contacting the Zaloba Edward law firm. You can arrange a case consultation over the phone or online, 24 hours a day. This is a serious crime that you must take seriously to get the best results, and that means hiring an experienced attorney like Zaloba. Visit our website for more information.


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