Seeking the Services of a Bankruptcy Attorney in Hutchinson KS

Most people will try all sorts of strategies to regain control of their finances. While methods like debt consolidation or debt settlement work fine in a number of situations, there are times when bankruptcy is the only viable way to deal with the debt. The only way to know for sure is to consult with a Bankruptcy Attorney in Hutchinson KS.

Assessing the Financial Situation of the Client

Before any type of action can be taken, the Bankruptcy Attorney in Hutchinson KS will want to take a good look at the finances of the client. This will mean identifying if there are any accounts currently in arrears, the total amount of the debt, and the ability of the client to eventually repay all of those obligations. It is only after making a full assessment of those finances that the attorney can offer any solid suggestions on how to proceed. In some cases, the attorney may recommend that the client seek financial counseling or work with a firm to come up with some sort of payment arrangements with his or her creditors. This is typically the case if the attorney believes that the client does have the ability to repay the debt, if some concessions are made on the part of the creditors.

Determining Eligibility for Bankruptcy

If bankruptcy does seem like the most practical approach, there is still the matter of identifying which forms of personal bankruptcy the client can seek. If the client makes under a certain amount of money per calendar year, qualifying for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will be relatively easy. When the income level is higher and there are other considerations that must be taken into account, the possibility of filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be discussed. With each option, the attorney will help the client understand what must be done in order to comply with the requirements set by the court.

For anyone who thinks that bankruptcy could be the only way to deal with debt, click here and schedule a consultation today. Doing so will be the first step in clearing up those pressing obligations and having a chance for a fresh start.

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