Dog Daycare vs. Dog Boarding in Millersville

Dog daycare is a great service for those dogs who are yearning for some extra playtime throughout the day or suffer from separation anxiety. But what about those dogs whose parents are on vacation or have a long business trip? We’ve got that covered too!

Dog boarding in Millersville is important for those pet parents who travel often or need a longer term option for their pup while away. With our services, your dog will have his very own home away from home. Our cage-free facility means your dog is able to enjoy endless playtime with his friends or spend his days napping, swimming, and anything else his little heart desires. Furry Paws strives to create a wonderful vacation for your dog each and every time he visits.

Millersville dog boarding is exactly what your dog needs when you are away. Instead of spending hours alone waiting for a neighbor or friend to stop in, he is allowed to enjoy hours of fun and play from his canine and human friends. The separate play yards for big and small dogs ensure your pup can play safely with friends at all times. Complete with pools, agility equipment and plenty of toys, our outdoor and indoor play yards are sure to leave even the most adventurous pup in wonder!

Sure, your family member or neighbor may take great care of your dog while you’re away, but doesn’t he deserve a vacation of his own with Millersville dog boarding at Business Name? Wouldn’t you have greater peace of mind knowing your beloved pup can romp and run, play and tug, nap and enjoy belly scratches all day, every day with our professionally trained staff? Don’t you think it’s time you give dog boarding in Millersville a try?

Give us a call today for more information on our dog boarding services in Millersville and how we can give your dog a vacation of a lifetime right here in his hometown!

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