The Benefits of a Spay and Neuter in Lenexa, KS

There are some pet owners who choose not to spay and neuter their pets because they believe this to be a poor practice on animals, but the truth is that animals that receive this type of procedure live longer and are less likely to develop certain health issues. This is especially true for female cats and male dogs, who are both at particularly high risk for certain diseases unique to their gender and species. This service is thus something you must consider the moment you bring a pet into your home, especially if you want them to remain healthy and happy for many years.

No Procreation

The most basic benefit of spay and neuter in Lenexa, KS is that your dog or cat can no longer produce offspring. This will prevent any surprise pregnancies that can cause your house to suddenly be overrun by small animals, and it will help keep the pet population under control. Millions of animals across the United States are euthanized in pet shelters because there are too many of them and they are not adopted by families quickly enough. By allowing your pets to go without this procedure and then giving away their offspring, you potentially cause a shelter animal to lose their chance at adoption.


Male dogs are at risk for developing testicular cancer, and they are also more aggressive with their testicles intact. It is in your best interest to consider contacting clinics such as Cherokee Animal Clinic once you bring a male dog into your home, especially if they are still a puppy. Having this procedure done at the right time of their life can help prevent a wide range of problems and keep your dog healthy and happy for many years longer than they otherwise would.

Spay and neuter is something you should not put off, and it is something that animals actually benefit from in the long run. This is true of both cats and dogs. Click here for more details about the the benefits of a Spay and Neuter in Lenexa, KS.

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