Effective Cost Savings For Drone Inspection Services

The more advanced the technology in any industry, the more costly getting into the business will be for startup companies. For new businesses offering drone inspection services for pipelines and offshore drilling rigs, starting a business and buying this equipment is a challenge.

In addition to the cost, there is also the issue of finding the right drone or drones to meet the needs of your company. Some businesses may need drones with long duration flight times for extremely remote locations or significant infrastructure inspections, while others may need drones with multiple sensors which can be mounted at the same time.

There are, of course, companies which will need both for their drone inspection services. Most oil and gas inspection companies will find both will be required, and that can result in a very high initial capital investment.

The Rental Option

One option to consider to help to reduce the cost of running drone inspection services until you have an established customer base is to rent the drones. There are several advantages to this solution, including the cost savings.

With the choice of drone rental rather than a purchase, the inspection service can “test drive” a variety of different drone models and options. This allows the operators to get a real-world comparison of different drone models, sizes and sensor options and how they apply to the specific applications.

Additionally, with the use of rental drones, companies can also look at the quality of data returned under various operating conditions. Most of the top rental services also provide mobile control centers, another valuable component to test in the field before making a purchase.

When considering drone rental, be sure to choose a reputable company offering the latest in technology, systems, and sensors, allowing for precision inspection through visual images, cinematography or thermal imaging as required.

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