How To Choose The Right Backup Generator For Home

When the power goes out, a generator is there to provide a backup when everything else goes dark. Generators can keep your house heated or cooled, as well as your lights on and stovetop running. However, some generators are better than others, and when you are looking for generators in Chicago, then there are some features to keep in mind. People tend to buy generators at the last minute before a big storm, but that can lead to purchasing a lesser quality piece of equipment. Here are some things to keep in mind before purchasing a new generator.

Prioritize Your Power Needs
What are the things that you need to power the most when the lights go out? You probably want to make sure that your refrigerator, HVAC, lights, computers, and sump pump are working properly. These consume about 5,000 watts total. Smaller generators are not always going to provide enough power to maintain a full home.

Type of Generators
There are a few different generators for sale currently. Many people go with a standby home generator that can be installed by a professional and start automatically when there is a system power failure in your home. It also runs off of a self-diagnosis and different types of fuel. You can choose between propane or gasoline typically. There are also portable generators and inverter generators that you may want as a backup to a standby.

Features to Look For
Most generators will have automatic start as the top feature. This is a necessity. You don’t want to have to go out in a storm to see what is wrong with the generator. It also should have an alternative fuel capacity, multiple outlets, removable console, low-oil shutoff, and fuel gauge.

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