Engineering Fabrication: Definition And Applications

Engineer is a process often considered as the means of producing practical or functional results. Fabrication is the creation of an object, device, component or other items from metal. Engineering fabrication requires a set of specific skills in order to produce highly precise and exact drawings.

Explaining Engineering Fabrication

The most common definition of engineering fabrication is the creating and fabrication of specific complex metal parts. The process requires, initially, for the individual to have enough skill and technical wherewithal to produce machine or fabrication drawings to provide guidelines for the production of the component. These are not schematics such as electricians utilize nor are they logic diagrams. They are also quite different from the detailed piping and instrumentation (P&ID) diagrams

Fabrication engineering drawings are renderings done to scale. They actually supply the physical dimensions of the component to facilitate manufacturing and/or assembly. The focus of this type of fabrication is on the ability to make use of their engineering and fabrication skills to produce effective and functional drawings. It also involves the ability to understand how to manipulate the metal to be able to ensure the results meet the demands for functional components.

Anyone qualified and practicing this trade must be fully aware of more than the basics of fabrication. Practitioners must not only be able to produce accurate drawings but be able to read them and produce the components to exacting specifications. Their skill set includes the capability to utilize any of the many fabrication techniques and types.

Applications of Engineering Fabrication

Various industrial concerns rely on engineering fabricators to produce the high degree of complex components they require to maintain their levels and quality of production. They need the resulting products to ensure smooth and reliable manufacture, maintenance and operation of their machinery and other types of equipment. Among the many industrial sectors relying on engineering fabrication are:

Mining and minerals

General manufacturing also is a reliable customer.

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