Phoenix Area Residents Tune Stock Automobiles for Racing

Considering how close area residents are to ISM Raceway, it makes sense that automotive performance tuning in Phoenix, AZ, is having something of a moment. A greater number of motorists than ever before are looking to increase engine performance and tune existing engine equipment. That’s increased the need for mechanics who are skilled with these kinds of jobs.

Cordes Performance Racing has been working with a number of motorsports organizations in the region, so they’ve met some interesting individuals along the way. Take, for instance, a driver of a souped up 2015 Camaro Z28 or someone who runs a 2014 C7 on local tracks.

Both of these cars are essentially stock vehicles that have been drastically redesigned. In fact, it’s possible to turn almost any car into a competitive car in at least some class. Those who are interested in services offered by those who provide automotive performance tuning in Phoenix, AZ, have come up with some rather unusual ideas.

If these two rides aren’t strange enough, then consider the case of a driver who modified a Mini Cooper to take on local tracks. Since famed Formula 1 builder John Cooper was connected to that make, one area resident decided to try and revamp his car to run at least a little more speedily than a stock Mini could. The necessary modifications weren’t necessarily simple, but they certainly made for a rewarding drive once everything was finished.

For more information about local tuning services, visit Cordes Performance Racing at visit us website.

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