Enjoy the Fragrance of Illume Candles

Illume candles are luxurious candles with a very romantic look. They make the perfect gift for Valentine’s day, anniversary, or just to say “I love you.”

Candle Types

Illume candles come in a variety of shapes and containers.

Pillar candles are the traditional, classic candle that comes in a variety of heights. They can set the mood for a dinner party as well as an intimate gathering.

Jar candles are candles set in a decorative container. They come in a variety of unique decorative containers that are sure to please anyone. Glass jars, ceramic containers, and metal tins are just a few types of containers for Illume candles. They make great gifts for any occasion.


Every season has its own traditional scent. The smells from any holiday can transport you back to memories of special times with friends and family. The collection of fragrances of Illume candles is vast, and you are sure to find a scent that you will love.


Illume candles are made using an all-natural proprietary wax blend. The wax blend is composed of coconut wax, carnauba, beeswax, and essential oils. Each candle has its own special blend of wax which is what makes it unique. The unique cotton and paper wicks are lead-free to create a more even burning.

The candles are infused with a scent made of natural and synthetic compounds. Some candles will have added essential oils to provide a specialty scent while others will have up to 75 ingredients to provide just the right smell.

Illume candles are non-toxic and safe to burn. They are even safe to use around people with allergies. All fragrances are free of harmful phthalates, and the packaging is made to be recycled.

Illume candles pride themselves on being green and environmentally conscious. They do not use any animal testing with their candles.

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