What Are Crackling Wick Candles?

As you take into consideration the next candle you wish to buy, you may learn about newer versions that do a bit more than burn naturally. For example, the Crackling Wick candles are designed to produce a soft sound as they burn, much like wood would sound like when it is burned in an open fire. For many people, this added effect can make it a fantastic choice for adding character and interest to the experience, not just the sight of the burning flame and the scent of the candle.

What Does It Sound Like?

The Crackling Wick candles are designed to sound like the snaps and sparks that happen when you burn a piece of wood. This particular type of candle is designed to have a wooden wick within it, which is much different than the traditional cotton wick found in most types of candles. As the flame burns the wood, it creates those soft sounds of crackling wood. This can be very appealing to anyone who is in the room listening to this.

Why Choose This Type of Candle?

When it comes to choosing a candle, most people select one based on the way it smells. That is important even with these candles. Yet, you also want to create ambiance and a special atmosphere with the candle. Using this particular type, you can most certainly do just that. You are able to create a candle that is incredibly beautiful, smells wondering, and offers the sounds of a burning fire next to you.

The Crackling Wick candles are a good option for many reasons. They create an interesting experience that is quite unlike any other. Take a closer look at how this type of candle can work for your needs. You will find this is an exceptional choice for a gift, too.

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