Ensure Your Vehicle Stops Properly With Brake Adjustments in Grand Junction, CO

There are many components that make up an automobile, and most of them are required to make your vehicle go where you want it to. However, some of the most crucial parts of your car or truck are those that make it stop. The brake system in an automobile functions by using hydraulic pressure. The action of pressing the pedal operates the master cylinder that pumps brake fluid to each set of brakes. These brakes can be shoes, like you might find in older vehicles, or pads which are used on disc brake systems. One of the drawbacks to early shoe style brakes was the occasional requirement for Brake Adjustments Grand Junction CO. As the braking surface wore down the shoe would get further away from the drum and would need manual adjustment.

Most modern disc braking systems eliminate this problem because the disc pads float over the rotor. This design increases the stopping ability of the car, provided the pads are in good shape and the rotors aren’t damaged. Rotor damage can occur when pads are worn and the underlying metal scrapes on the rotor or if someone has replaced the prior set of pads without properly turning the rotors. Turning the rotors flattens the braking area which allows smoother braking action. This will also help the disc surface survive longer. Visit website for complete details.

The braking systems on cars and trucks will vary by manufacturer and vehicle make. Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) are designed to keep the vehicle from skidding on slick surfaces, and modern versions are very reliable. Some early model ABS had some mechanical faults which would require repairs, but few modern vehicles have problems in this area. The most common brake failure is due to worn pads. You can often tell if the brakes are wearing down because the brake pedal requires more push for the same amount of braking action. To confuse things even more, some vehicles use both disc pads on the front and brake shoes on the rear. This means the rear shoes may need adjustment while the front pads may need to be replaced. If your vehicle is having braking problems, or you need Brake Adjustments Grand Junction CO, be sure to visit Scottys Muffler.

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