Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely With Septic Tank Service in Marion IA

There are two basic way to eliminate waste from your home, but which you use will depend on where you live. The most common sewage system is a municipal connection that you pay a fee for. The alternative is a septic tank. A septic system is used in rural areas for homes or businesses where a connection to a municipal sewage service isn’t available. It works like a small sewage treatment plant by collecting the waste from your home and trapping it in a storage tank. Inside the tank are bacteria and enzymes that consume proteins in the waste. This anaerobic action eliminates part of the solid residue in the tank allowing it to collect more waste. The effluent or waste water floats to the top and is drained into the surrounding soil to be recycled by nature.

Septic Tank Service Marion IA typically involves having the storage tank emptied. This service uses vacuum systems to lift any solid materials out of the tank so it can be hauled away. This process should be done every three to five years depending on how heavily the septic system is used. Unfortunately, there are some things that can affect your septic tank. One of these is putting things in the tank that aren’t biodegradable. In some instances this can include paper products that don’t break down easily. Other items such as chemicals and soaps may interfere with the enzyme actions inside the tank or even destroy the enzymes that consume the waste. You can improve the anaerobic action of your septic system by adding additional enzymes periodically. Visit the site for more details.

Another problem that can affect your septic system is clogged field lines or leech lines. These are the pipes that branch off of the septic tank and leech the effluent back into the soil. These pipes have holes in them so the liquid can be drained properly. Unfortunately, this opens them up to roots which can clog or even destroy the pipes. Your septic service can check the pipes for blockage using a video system. If the blockage isn’t too bad, they can remove it using a rooter. However, if the pipes are damaged then they will need to be repaired or replaced. If your home is in need of Septic Tank Service Marion IA, be sure to visit the website at for more details.

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