Exploring the Traditional HPV Treatment Options

When you are looking at HPV treatment for women, you want to explore multiple to help determine which one might be ideal for you. Start with the traditional treatments since these tend to be the most common. From here, you will discuss your options with your doctor and work together to choose an option that best fits your needs. In most cases, treatment is considered once the virus has caused cervical dysplasia, so you want to explore treatments for this condition.


This is a commonly used procedure to remove abnormal cervical cells. It involves heating the cells using electricity and a metal wire. Following the procedure, you might experience some cramping and bleeding. Your doctor will give you information on how to care for yourself to help you to be comfortable while you recover.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery works to burn off abnormal cervical cells using a specialized laser. After the procedure, you might experience discharge that can last a few weeks. It might be brown in color or tinged with blood and watery. It is also possible to have to cramp for a few days following laser surgery.


This procedure destroys abnormal cervical cells by freezing them. Liquid nitrogen and metal probes are using during the procedure. Like the two above, cramping is possible after it is completed. Some women also experience watery discharge.

Cone Biopsy

This is the most extensive of the various treatments for cervical dysplasia. This is a type of surgical procedure where the doctor removes the part of the cervix that has abnormal cells. The tissue removed is in the shape of the cone, and it will be sent for laboratory analysis.

With this information about HPV treatment for women, you now are more informed about your options. Ensure that your doctor is knowledgeable concerning this virus and the available treatments. This ensures that you get the best help with your health.

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