Testosterone Therapy Side Effects: What to Expect

There are many benefits to testosterone therapy. It can provide a wide range of benefits to those who take it. Yet, it is very important to know the risks involved as well. Testosterone, a male steroid, works to promote a healthy sex drive. It also impacts the body’s other organs, bone density, and muscle mass. A careful balance of taking it is essential to minimize complications. For those who are taking it, it is important to know the testosterone therapy side effects and what to do if you are experiencing them.

What Are They?

Testosterone therapy side effects will vary from person to person. Some people never experience them at all. The most common include the following:

  • Blood clots. There is an increased chance that you will develop blood clots, which makes monitoring your testosterone intake very important.
  • The skin can become more oily, and that can lead to more acne. Proper hygiene will play an important role in minimizing this complication.
  • Fluid retention is a concern for some people. It will be important to monitor your weight and report an increase in weight that seems out of the normal.
  • Some individuals experience breast enlargement as a side effect.
  • The prostate tissue may experience stimulation, which can lead to an increased need to urinate. In some people, this can lead to the reverse effective including a decreased frequency of urination or a poor-quality stream.

For those experiencing any of the testosterone therapy side effects here, one thing is very important to know. You should always work with your doctor carefully to ensure the best possible outcome occurs. Report these side effects so that any action that is necessary can take place immediately. That does not always mean you cannot continue treatment, but it does mean you may need an adjustment.

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