Factors to Consider Before Altering Your Clothes

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Clothing

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Finding right fitting clothes is often a daunting task since readymade clothes do not always cater for the variety of body shapes and sizes. Other times we are too sentimental about some old clothes that now can’t fit. As such, alterations in clothing are necessary. Many manufacturers often produce clothes with an allowance for changes to be effected on them. Alterations in Houston are very common and a growing niche in the clothing market. Here’s what you should consider before altering your clothes:

* The Level of wear and tear – There is that nice outfit that grew on you, and now you have grown out of. Before approaching a tailor to resize it, you must assess the level of wear and tear on it. Altering the clothing may change its shape, but it cannot transform it into new if it is showing visible signs of being worn out. If you deem it too old, it may be better to dispose of it rather than to look drab wearing it.

* The expertise of the alteration tailor – Altering clothes requires a certain level of expertise and therefore, you should engage a tailor who has trained in alterations. Hiring a novice may be detrimental as they may make changes that will be impossible to change and thus ruin the outfit. An experienced tailor, on the other hand, will be able to adjust the clothing according to your specifications and can work with a variety of fabrics comfortably.

* Future alterations – Our bodies are prone to change over time. We may gain or lose weight considerably. It is, therefore, important that any alterations made on your clothing put into consideration the possibility of future alterations. A good alteration tailor will make adjustments to your clothes while including the possibility of altering it again or completely undoing the alteration.

* Type of fabric – The type of fabric will often influence whether or not alterations can be made. Certain fabrics are more difficult to alter than others and one should consider this before purchasing clothes.

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