What Questions Should a Video Production Business Ask You?

When you expect to use a video production servicefor the first time, although you will have lots of questions for them, they should ask more questions of you. This is because they are the experts and understand how to put a video production together. They understand the content that should make up the brief describing the work to be completed. They will also explain the process of moving between preproduction, production and postproduction; the stages of making your video for you.

Putting Your Brief Together

At the very minimum, you will probably have a general idea of what you would like to accomplish with your video, which is why you have asked a video production service to work for you in the first instance.

They will start by asking you what you want to achieve from the making of your video? They will need to know if this is going to form one part of your overall marketing activities or whether it is specifically related to just one task. This will help them understand if they are to link parts of your video with your branding and logo or other ideas you wish to share.

How Long Before the Video Needs to Be Ready?

You can’t expect to talk to a video production service today and expect a completed video by tomorrow afternoon. Nevertheless, they will need to know when you need the video completed, especially if it is to fit in with other marketing and advertising plans for your organization. This will give the service time to put you into their calendar so they can ensure your work can be completed efficiently and effectively and on time.

What Types of Video Do You Like?

By asking you what types of video you enjoy, they will begin to understand what appeals to you and perhaps what doesn’t. Are you more the traditional video company or would you prefer an animated movie? Will you be supplying specific graphics for the video all or will the video production service need to make these for you? Will the video be a voice-over or will someone need to supply music?

They will need to be a script written for the video, whether it includes dialogue or not and the company may be able to provide a writer for those services.

Finally, the initial set of brief questions will need to answer how you intend to use the video. Will you be placing it on a specific YouTube channel or will be played at corporate events during a presentation? Perhaps you are considering the video to run as a television advertisement.

In the early stages, there may be more questions than answers, but taking time to reply the enquiries correctly will help build a better brief and at the end, a great video.

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