Factors To Consider When Buying A Used HPLC System

Making a choice to upgrade to a new or different model or brand of HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) system is always a bit of a challenge. There are new models and features offered on different makes and models of equipment, but they all need to include the same basic components. These include the mobile phase, a pump, the injector, the selection of a column and the detector.

When buying used HPLC systems, which is an excellent option for cost saving without compromising on features and options, the considerations are very similar to buying new. Taking the time to understand what is needed for the lab now as well as in the immediate future will be critical, as will the following.

Testing Requirements and Capacities

Every piece of equipment in a lab has a maximum capacity. This is typically restricted to the actual number of samples the equipment can process. Taking the time to compare the speed of testing for all used HPLC systems will ensure the system selected will meet the minimum lab capacity requirements.

Brand or Model Preferences

There are several companies that make HPLC systems and many lab managers are familiar with names such as the Agilent by Thermo Scientific as well as Alliance and by Waters.

Typically, a lab manager will have preferences for specific brands and types of systems. Take the time to consider other HPLC systems that would integrate with existing lab requirements and systems to provide a full range of models and brands to consider.

Features Required

There are different features and configurations possible with used HPLC systems based on the model and the manufacturer. Many labs will prefer the all-in-one configuration, which ensures that all parts of the system will work together as it has been designed with specific modules in place.

For those testing facilities requiring greater flexibility and testing options, the modular systems may be the most cost-effective choices. Comparing these options and looking at the features and functions can help provide a clear picture of the best option.

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