Modular vs Manufactured Homes: Understanding the Difference

When buying a home, “modular homes” and “manufactured homes” are some terms that may come up during discussions with a Fernandina Beach custom home builder. It’s important to understand the differences between the two, as it can affect the price and resale value of the home.

The Modular Home

Modular homes usually look just like a regular house. Typically well-built, modular homes are almost indistinguishable from regular non-modular homes in appearance. But modular homes are built in sections at a factory before being transported on truck beds to the building site and assembled on site. These types of homes are built in conformity to all state and local or regional building codes. Inspectors will check to ensure that the structural integrity is sound and determine whether all finished work is done properly by the custom home builder. Fernandina Beach residents should rest assured that modular homes have the same longevity as traditional, site-built houses and should also increase in value over time.

The Manufactured Home

Formerly known as mobile homes, manufactured homes come in many more styles and offer more options than before. Unlike modular homes, manufactured homes conform to a Federal building code (aka HUD code) instead of to their destination building codes. The segments of a manufactured home are not always placed on a permanent foundation, which may make it harder to refinance a manufactured home. Inspectors are also not required to approve a manufactured home even though they do inspect the work done.

Modular homes are considered the same as homes built on-site, while manufactured homes are smaller, less expensive, and are often mobile homes that require less commitment. Whether to build a modular or a manufactured home ultimately depends on the needs of a home buyer – something that should be discussed with the Fernandina Beach custom home builder.

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