Feeling Chilly? Tips For Staying Warm in Your Student Housing This Winter

When residing in OU student housing during winter, it is important to ensure you are prepared for the cold weather. Luckily, there are ways to create a warm environment in your apartment. Use the following tips to stay warm in your student housing this winter.

Switch to Warmer Bedding

You may have been using a sheet or lightweight blanket during the warmer seasons. However, it is time to switch to warmer bedding to prepare for temperature drops. Switching your bedding keeps you warm and gives you an excuse to change up the vibe in your bedroom. You may want to use a comforter, flannel blanket or your favorite quilt from home.

Reverse The Ceiling Fan

If there is a ceiling fan in your OU student housing, look for the switch on the side of your fan. Every ceiling fan has this switch, but most people do not notice or think about it. Flip this switch to reverse the rotation of your ceiling fan. When the fan is running at a slower speed, reversing the rotation pulls the cool air upward and blows warm air around the room.

Look Into Insulated Curtains

It is important to keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside your apartment during winter. One idea is to invest in insulated curtains for your windows. This is a great way to block the cold air from leaking into your apartment. You want to look into materials such as tapestry, velvet, and denim, and save the lightweight curtains for the warmer seasons.

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