Finding the Significance You Seek

Significance is defined in most dictionaries as being worthy of attention or importance. What isn’t mentioned in the dictionary is how hard we all strive to find significance in almost everything we do. No matter the aspect of our life, we want to find the importance, the meaning. For some, this is easy. For others, they find themselves trying to find the importance in everything they do.


Finding significance in your family circle is quite easy. The love shared between a family not only shows a deep caring for one another, but also a respect. Finding the importance you seek with your family, means you’ve come to the understanding your family needs you, depends on you and wants you with them. When you allow yourself to understand all these things, the significant feelings will surround you.


When seeking significance at work, some find they are treading on a slippery slope. The key is to not only like what you do for a living, but to find your place in the business. This will provide you with the feeling of importance you are hoping to achieve. If you find yourself in a job that cannot provide these types of feelings, perhaps the time has come for a change.

Social Connections

Connecting with others is another great way of finding the significance in our daily lives. Having friends and companions who depend on you but also need you in their lives offers your life the kind of importance many of us seek. Having these social connections provides more meaning in our daily lives and gives us the opportunity to grow as individuals. This will not only show you the significance of your life, but others as well.

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