Five -Axis Milling – Multi-Axis Milling With Benefits

Multi-axis milling equipment is becoming popular in machine and milling shops. While it is possible to purchase them utilizing different axes, the five-axis milling machine finds favor in several shops for diverse and profitable reasons. It extends the capabilities of many shops to embrace the demands of various industrial concerns – ones that have a demand for tight tolerances and complex work.

Types of Five-Axis Milling

It is possible to obtain five-axis milling in one of several ways. The three major ways of doing so are:

* A dedicated five-axis machining center

* A tilting (rotary) or trunnion table

* A spindle head attachment

Each method achieves this goal. Each of the types has advantages and disadvantages. It is important to look at these options before making a decision to install any specific type

Why Five-Axis Milling?

Five-axis technology offers shops certain capabilities lacking in singular axis machinery. This type of multi-axis milling equipment helps improve both the work and the proficiencies of the shop in producing parts of highly specialized industries e.g. aerospace, oil, and gas. Five-axis milling machinery:

* Produces a much better finishing surface

* Eliminates ribbing

* Cuts down on manual handwork and millwork

* Eliminates the need for multiple setups since there is no need to reposition the workpiece or refixture

* Reduces the instances of errors (from repositioning and retooling)

* Decreases the time for producing workpieces

* Allows operators to produce parts that have a complex surface

Using a five-axis milling machine saves time and money while producing an improved component.

The Major Benefits of Multi-Axis Milling

Five-axis milling requires skilled operators. These multi-axis milling machines, in the right hands, offer milling and machine shops certain benefits. For companies who want to serve a larger market, these machines make it possible. They produce smoother surfaces in less time with higher precision.

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