Advanced Planning With Fiber Optic Construction Companies

With advances in fiber optic cable, this has become the gold standard for installation in all types of telecommunication systems. Working with fiber optic cable is very different than with wire cable, which means choosing from experienced fiber optic construction companies will be a must.

In Ohio, there are only a few fiber optic construction companies that are equipped to take on large-scale types of installation and testing projects. These companies have experience in working with the technology and have teams that have completed installations and that are familiar with the critical issues with this type of installation.

Pre-Installation Planning

One of the essential roles that any of the top fiber optic construction companies should be involved in will be the pre-installation planning and prep work. This allows the installer to have input into the overall project to help to address issues that the in-house planning team may not know exist.

This can include areas where the network has to be installed that are going to be challenging to dig and trench or areas where the cable will need to run under existing waterways or across challenges in urban environments.

Local Ohio telecommunication construction companies that have worked in these areas and that understand the challenges can assist in structuring the project to ensure the right crews are at the right locations to get the job done. Even simple issues such as temperature need to be considered, particularly on large jobs that may span months over various seasons.

Understanding the Cable

While fiber optic cable is superior to other types of cable, understanding installation limitations or possible issues that can cause signal loss will be critical in planning the installation.

Issues such as a limited bend radius, the need to limit splicing along the cable and even the potential for crushing of the cable after installation all have to be taken into consideration prior to installation to prevent costly problems in the future.

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