Five Characteristics Of A Quality Industrial Distributor

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Fasteners Supply

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Manufacturers have always had a relationship with distributors. Over the years, the situation has continued to thrive. It has also altered to reflect the changing nature of manufacturing. Today, an industrial distributor is an essential component of the manufacturing-consumer chain. Obviously, the distributor continues to buy and hold stock produced by manufacturers. However, modern industrial distributors contribute so much more to the working partnership. This is a major reason to be sure the distributor with which a company works is of the highest quality.

Five Essential Characteristics

When looking for a quality industrial distributor, a company needs to consider several characteristics that shape, form, and enhance the relationship. Businesses must look at distributors to see if they possess the following characteristics:

  1. Responsiveness: An industrial distributor must be able to respond to the needs of the manufacturer. This includes comprehensive communication, ensuring all parties are aware of the needs and specifics of the other
  2. Centralization: The purchasing and inventory systems must be consolidated. The distributor should be not merely encouraging this but institute it
  3. Auditing: Distributors must perform a company audit to indicate what measures and products are the most cost-effective
  4. Harmonization of Goals and Objectives: A relationship is useless if the goals and objective of the parties differ
  5. Improvement and Technology: Effective industrial distributors are always looking at ways to improve their operations and relationships. Introducing new technologies capable of helping their customers manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively is one method of accomplishing this

These are all indicative of a distributor willing to work in collaboration with manufacturers.

Industrial Distributor

Distribution involves the delivery of the right products in the right amount to the right place. The role of an industrial distributor accomplishes this through technology and skill. A distributor builds relationships and is crucial to making certain the markets are reached. This is one reason why choosing the right distributor is crucial for every business.

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