The Advantages Of Robotic Welding

Conventional welding is both an art and a science, and an experienced welder can provide precision welding on a wide range of different types of metal and alloys and in locations and on surfaces that are extremely difficult to work.

While these types of application can benefit from the human factor in creating the best weld and making adjustments to the process as needed, for medium to high volume production of welded parts and components, the choice of robotic welding is one to consider.

Robotic welding technology has come a long way in the last decade, with increasing precision and accuracy in all aspects of the control of the system. Different systems may include different levels of automation or robotics from robotic arms to feed the parts and components to the robotic placement of part and full control of the welding process.

Precision Welding

Regardless of the specific welding process, the choice of robotic welding offers a greater level of precision over even the most experienced conventional welding options. As the computer control of each component of the welding process is exact for each part produced, even the minor deviations and differences that occur naturally with conventional welding are eliminated.

Higher Volume Production with Shorter Turnaround Times

Once the robotic controls are configured for a specific order, the system can operate on a continual basis. This allows for fast turnaround times on even high volume orders, which provides a lower cost for production per unit as the volume increases.

Additionally, there is extremely low waste with this technology, and quality control is built into the process, also helping to keep the cost of production as low as possible on these mid to high volume orders. These benefits typically outweigh the cost of the setup of the process and continue to offer the OEM cost savings with each subsequent order.

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