Gas Burning Fireplaces for Sale in the Direct Vent Model

Fireplaces evoke many pleasant memories for many people. In years past, these fireplaces in many homes burned wood on cold winter nights along with all of the attendant flying sparks behind a rough looking metal grate. These units which operated in conjunction with a chimney produced a significant amount of smoke and soot that built up over time. The vision of these conflagrations consuming wood logs and producing the crackling of fire as the family gathers around to enjoy the warmth is itself an endearing picture. However, today modern gas burning fireplaces are much more efficient and cleaner than those old fireplaces.

The direct vent gas fireplace is now one of the premier fireplace units when it comes to efficiency. With a metal box factory construction framed into a wall within your living space, these units can be installed into a home without any out of the ordinary modifications required.

Gas Fireplace Elements
The venting of these units takes the exhaust gases out of the fireplace itself and disperses them to the outside air. These fireplaces bring in air from the outside into the firebox. Through a sealed combustion system, the air is heated efficiently and dispersed into the room.

Electrical power is required to operate the blower and other accessories of these gas burning fireplaces. However, the flame controller and burner are not dependent upon electricity and can be operated through the use of batteries

Installation of Your Direct Vent Fireplace
You have various options available to you when it comes to the installation of gas fireplaces. As it concerns the venting of these units, you can utilize rigid or flexible pipes that channel the exhaust to the outside air. With flexible pipes you can have the venting situated around various obstacles in obstacles in the wall. Furthermore, the venting which may originate from the top right rear of the fireplace unit can be directed at a 45 degree angle for an efficient pathway to the outside air.

Place One in Various Rooms
Various rooms, such as the living room, bedroom, and basement, in addition to any other living area are suitable for the installation of a direct vent gas fireplace.

Gas burning fireplaces are also available in various colors and styles. Contact an experienced fireplace supplier today to discover the various options available to match your interior décor.

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