The Chain Sling – Single, Double, and Multi Sling Types

As it concerns the requirement to lift heavy loads – some of which are present in the industrial and construction sectors – the use of a chain sling can be extremely beneficial. Chain slings are strong, flexible, and temperature resistant and allow the rigging of heavy loads under various conditions. When a load is lifted under a professional setting is important for safety precautions to be implemented prior to, during, and after the lift has taken place. Chain slings of various types are used for different lifting scenarios. These types of slings include single, double, and multi-leg. These slings also come in varying styles and sizes.

The three types of chain slings mentioned above are briefly covered below:

Single Leg Sling
A single leg chain sling has a single chain length designed to support a load. It is vitally important to have an even load distribution during the course of the lift. When a single chain sling is used, a number of important elements are highly relevant to the successful operation of the device, including master links with sling hooks, sling grab hooks, and foundry hooks. Some slings support and adjustable configuration and other support an endless basket configuration. You can find links sizes as big as 7/8 of an inch for use with a grade 80 chain. Links sizes as large as 1 ¼ inch can be used with a grade 100 chain. A single chain sling can have a weight capacity up to 70,000 pounds.

Double Leg Sling
Two individual chain links comprise a double leg chain sling. The double leg sling can include a sling hook, master links with a foundry, and grab hook. This double sling option has the same grade 80 chain (7/8 inch link) and grade 100 chain (1 ¼ inch link) features. The weight capacities of some double sling models can reach 100,000 pounds.

Multi-Leg Sling
If you have weight capacities that exceed hundred and 80,000 pounds, a multi-leg sling configuration may be the best option. This configuration is utilized for very heavy lifts. Three or more chains may be incorporated into a multi-leg sling configuration. They feature the same grades and sizes as given above for the single and double sling configurations.

Before implementing any chain sling configuration, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the configuration conforms to all applicable and required safety and building codes and standards.

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