Get All the Wildlife You Deserve

The best way to attract any animal is with food. Whether you want to attract wildlife for hunting or for watching, creating a feeding spot is the best way. It’s certainly possible to attract wildlife by putting food out manually each day, but why spend your time on this when there are so many automatic options available?

There are a wide variety of automatic corn feeders that will bring the wildlife practically to your door. Some of the largest feeders will hold up to 1000 pounds of food so that you can simply fill it and forget it for weeks. After just a few days, the animals will figure out when the food is coming, and they’ll start showing up every day at feeding time.

Corn feeders offer a healthy diet for these animals, so you can feel good about the diet you’re providing them while you’re enjoying their company.

You can choose from several different styles of corn feeders for wildlife. Broadcast feeders are the most popular for attracting new wildlife, as these feeders propel the food out some distance, covering a larger area.

If your wildlife is already coming to feed, you can consider a feeder without a broadcast feature. These generally either drop food onto the ground at the feeder or open a door to allow the animals to access a trough holding the food.

No matter which style you choose, you can expect your feeder to come equipped with a timer that allows you to set the time at which food is released. Choose any time you desire, keeping in mind that you’ll get your best results by releasing the food during the wildlife’s natural feeding times.

Once you’ve given the animals time to discover your feeder, you’ll be certain to enjoy their company for the rest of the year.

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