Reasons To Hire A Divorce Lawyer In Puyallup, WA

Not all couples in Puyallup, WA, that are going through a divorce have disagreements and conflict about moving forward. Some couples, even couples with children, are mutually accepting of the divorce and just want what is best for their children and themselves.

It may be tempting for these couples to consider a pro se divorce. Pro se indicates that the party is not represented by a divorce lawyer. While there are some advantages to a pro se divorce, the potential problems outweigh the slight cost savings.

To help to understand the importance of a divorce lawyer in Puyallup WA, consider the following issues that a pro se couple may not have the legal information needed to correctly and fairly manage the divorce.

Complex Financial Issues

Even simple things like savings accounts, 401Ks, retirement savings and property owned by the couple or as separate property can be confusing. Without the representation and legal expertise of a lawyer, it is very easy for one party to misrepresent these issues to attempt to get the other party to settle for less than they are entitled to obtain through the divorce.

There are also issues with how property division and financial issues will have a short and long-term impact on child support, alimony, and taxes that should be carefully considered.

Conflict and Stress Reduction

Often a good relationship can be maintained throughout the divorce when the divorce lawyer works with the other lawyer and the couple has limited need to address issues face-to-face.

Attorneys can work through most negotiations without having to involve the couple. This provides a buffer zone and allows everyone involved to focus in on their own needs during this time.

The Puyallup, WA, divorce attorney will ensure all aspects of the divorce are included in the final decree. They will also make sure the language used in the document is clear and unambiguous, helping to avoid future conflict if there are multiple ways to possibly interpret a part of the document.

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