Glass Bead Blasting Media Suppliers: Why They Suggest Using Glass Bead

Blasting media is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. For some, the best choice is glass bead blasting media. Suppliers of this option argue persuasively for its employment. They supply several benefits for the use of glass bead blasting media.

The Case for Using Glass Bead Blasting Media

Suppliers who support the use of glass beads as a media for blasting, cite the various advantages resulting from employing it. These include:

  • High Degree of Safety: This is particularly valid in comparison to the use of silica sand which can put employees at risk of developing silicosis.
  • Readily available: This material is easy to purchase or lease from multiple suppliers.
  • Recyclable: Glass bead media can perform its tasks for several cycles before it becomes ineffective.
  • Viability: This media can be employed in either a pressure or suction blast cabinet. The latter is least expensive than the former is, therefore, reducing the cost of usage.
  • Suitability: Glass bead media is suitable for several diverse tasks. Since it removes paint without leaving behind a pronounced blast profile, it is perfect for removing rust and paint from stainless steel.

Glass Bead Blasting Media

Suppliers often suggest the process of bead blasting over other options. The results can prove to be more than satisfactory. However, as with the case of all kinds of media, it is important to select the right type. Fine and rough glass bead blasting media serve different purposes. If you want the best outcome possible, always select the right media.

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