The Various Responsibilities Of A Home Health Aide In Philadelphia PA

Home health aides are professionals who assist seniors or disabled individuals who desire to live in their homes rather than a nursing home or other facility. A home health aide agency in Philadelphia PA also employs registered nurses, supervisors and case managers that ensure that the aide performs the assigned tasks in a caring and safe manner. The primary purpose of a health aide is to ensure that people live safely and healthily in their own homes.

Home health aides normally deal with seniors or disabled people; it is not unusual for a home health aide to work with the same patient for many years, developing a strong bond. When the aide has been assigned to work with a person that expects to quickly recover from an injury or perhaps a serious illness the time will be considerably shorter but the care is equal. One of the primary reasons why a home health agency in Philadelphia PA exists is to ensure that patients, either short term or long are given the care they need because members of the immediate family are often not able to provide the care due to other demands on their time.

A home health aide provides the patient with daily personal care such as bathing, grooming and helping the patient to dress. Many people that use the services of a home health aide do have friends and close family members that can provide the same level of care, but unfortunately these individuals cannot provide the care on a continuous basis which is a necessity. Home health aides will normally prepare the daily meals and ensure that the patient in their charge takes their medications as prescribed. It must be stressed that home health aides are not doctors or registered nurses. Registered nurses are also employed by a home health aide agency in Philadelphia PA; it is the nurse that oversees any medically related tasks the health aide may be called upon to do.

On a daily basis the doctor or nurse may have left instructions for the aide to record the patient’s vital signs, including the pulse rate, temperature and blood pressure. The aide can ensure that the patient is given their medicine when required, change dressings and care for the skin of the patient.

If the home health aide notices any change in the condition of their patient, the aide will immediately report her observations to her supervising RN, supervisor or case manager.

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